St. Joseph's Parish is a part of the Diocese of Richmond. The diocese, in turn, is a subdivision of the Roman Catholic Church. This is the parish's chief identity, and its glory: it is unified with the Church of Jesus Christ, it forms part of His Mystical Body, it is a branch on the living vine, and Mary is our spiritual mother. The way of this parish is Christ, the truth of this parish is Christ, and the life of this parish is Christ. The glorious St. Joseph is our patron and guide.  

The priests of the parish are charged to assist and share in the three-fold office of the local bishop, who is a successor of the Apostles, and who exercises legitimate apostolic authority.  That three-fold office is teaching doctrine, being priests for the liturgy, and exercising governance, all for the salvation of souls.

In 1991 a community of faithful devoted to the ancient forms of liturgical worship came together with the permission of His Excellency, the Most Rev. Walter Sullivan, Bishop of Richmond.  He entrusted the care of this community to Fr. Adrian Harmening, OSB, [Right].  Bishop Sullivan also elevated the community to a non-territorial parish in 2002. Fr. Adrian retired after 20 years of energetic, skilled and faithful care of souls.  The late Bishop of Richmond, His Excellency Francis DiLorenzo kindly invited the Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter to serve at St. Joseph's Parish beginning in July of 2011.

The Fraternity of St. Peter is an international community of priests (canonically, a Society of Apostolic Life) under the direct jurisdiction of the Holy See.  It was founded in 1988 to seek the holiness of the membership (along with the faithful entrusted to us) by means of the Traditional Mass and Sacraments.  Most of its work revolves around parish life.  The Fraternity only works in a diocese with permission of the local bishop. 

Please come to visit St. Joseph's.  Come and see!  We enjoy use of one of the Church's ancient liturgies (Holy Mass, the Sacraments, Divine Office and other rituals) which are variously summarized by the names Traditional Latin Mass, or the Tridentine Mass, or more recently and informatively named by Pope Benedict XVI, the Extraordinary Form of the Roman Rite.  

The only prerequisite for participating is that you must be a sinner.  Remember well however, when we assist at Holy Mass, our Lady and the entire heavenly court of saints and angels is present, in silent adoration.  Welcome to heaven on earth!!!