Holy Week Schedule

Palm Sunday (March 29)
8:30 AM Low Mass without Palms
10:30 AM High Mass begins with Blessing of Palms...

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CD of the Week: Prove it, God!

The CD of the Week is a unique conversion story by a woman in the mid-west called Prove it God! She calls herself a convert, and yet she has always considered herself to be a very good practicing Catholic. I propose this talk to you for two reasons: she gives powerful witness about her personal prayer time and its tremendous effects. Secondly, she manifests the process of her conversion through a moral dilemma which is all-together too common. I think you will benefit from her experience.

Laws of Fasting and Abstenence

Please refresh your memory as to the laws of fasting and abstinence prior to the start of the Lenten season.

Below are the descriptions of both the current laws and the laws of the discipline of 1962.

Laws of Days of Abstinence: Current Practice

  • Begins on one’s 14th birthday
  • Ash Wednesday and the Fridays of Lent
  • Obliges abstention from flesh meat


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