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"The "Marriage Course" is a course given one evening a week, for 7 weeks. It comes from England and has been used successfully for many years to help thousands of couples. The Marriage Course gives refined teaching about natural virtues which are proper to the spousal relationship, and, universally applicable to Catholic and non-Catholic marriages alike. The essence of the course lies in the principles explained in the talks, and the related exercises that each couple does together, privately.

These talks and accompanying exercises are given in a group setting for the sake of the discipline of getting through the material. There are, however, no public exercises nor public sharing of any kind.

The course will be offered Friday evenings, from Oct. 9th through Nov. 20th. There is room for 12 couples. (Scheduling is always a difficulty: if you know you cannot make it to 3 of the evenings, it is suggested that you wait for a next time.) The evening is designed to feel like a date. Arrival at 6:45 pm. Wine and cheese served at candlelit tables, one couple per table. The talk begins at 7:05 pm. Dessert will be served around 7:40. Dismissal at 9 pm.

Click here to download the registration form (copies of this form are also available in the Social Room). Please print and hand the completed form in to the parish office. The cost is $45 per couple, which includes the workbooks and the refreshments.

Click Here to read Father Novokowsky's additional thoughts on the course in a recent Pastor's Corner Article

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