The Devotion of the Five 1st Saturdays

Our Lady of FatimaOur Lady has asked that we practice this devotion.   To facilitate her request, we at St. Joseph's are going to pray on 1st Saturdays 5 decades of the Holy Rosary after the 9am Mass, and follow that with 15 minutes of silent meditation time.  Confession will be available before Mass (8:30am, and from 10-11am), as it will be all Saturdays beginning in September 2014. Please come join us! 

From where does this devotion come?  Sister Lucia received this message during her novitiate in a Carmelite monastery.  She reported to Fr. Formigeo:  "Our Lady said, her Divine son was very much displeased with the offenses committed against her, and especially because of the blasphemies against her Immaculate Conception."  Then she added, "Many persons have already been lost because of this, but many others would be saved if good and generous souls could be found who would make reparation for these offenses with their prayers and good works, appeasing Divine Justice in this way." 

Of what does this devotion consist?  "The persons who want to practice it must go to confession, receive Holy Communion, say the Rosary, and spend 15 minutes in the company of our Lady.  It is necessary to meditate on the mysteries of the Rosary.  All these acts must be fulfilled with the intention to make reparation for the offenses committed against our Heavenly Mother."  

Must it be on the First Saturday?  "Because in the novitiate the day scheduled for confession was not Saturday, I asked our Lady if it was valid to go to confession on another day.  She responded affirmatively and added it could be done after the first Saturday, as long as Holy Communion is received in the state of grace."

Did our Lady make any promises?  "She promised she would grant many graces during their lifetime and the grace of final perseverance." 

(Quotations taken from Rediscovering Fatima by Rev. Robert J. Fox, pp. 99-100.) 

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