Altar Boys Tour the USS Kearsarge

USS Kearsarge RecruitOn Saturday July 19th, some of the St. Joseph's Altar Boys were treated to the "Captain's Tour" of the USS Kearsarge, currently being repaired in Norfolk.  This ship (please never call it a boat!) is an amphibious aircraft carrying attack vessel.  It's a floating island, a town unto itself, capable of uninterrupted operations at sea for 3 months. 

USS KearsargeCaptain David Bossert showed heroic patience in fielding all of our silly questions.  We asked him to fire off a gun and/or missile, but he, after brief consideration, thought the city of Norfolk wouldn't appreciate it.  Okay, maybe next time!  Thanks go to Tony Douglas for organizing the tour, the dads who chaperoned, the boys who--given half a chance--didn't sink the ship, and most of all, thank you Captain Bossert for a fantastic tour.    

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