Self-Defense for Women

Women's Self-Defense NetworkLadies, facts are hard to deny. Nine out of ten rape and abuse victims are women and teenage girls. A female is assaulted every TWO minutes in the United States. These crimes often escalate to kidnapping and murder. The police arrives after the crime happens. That's too late!

You KNOW you want to learn for yourself. You KNOW you want to prepare your teenage daughter who is college bound, who has a part time job, or your daughter who lives alone.

But the thought of going to a training facility and working with strangers is just too daunting.

There is GOOD NEWS!

I am bringing the training to you. I do this because I am passionate about helping women learn how to protect themselves because of my own experience, which I will share with you in a testimony in person. My program is a four session Self Defense Course designed specifically for women, appropriate for girls age 14 and above. This program instills awareness, empowers the female mind, trains the woman/girl in critical self defense principles and techniques, and develops good habits for her to be safe in any situation.

Angela Craven

NO prior knowledge of martial arts is necessary. NO level of athleticism is required. You won't be doing pushups or leg lifts. But you WILL know how to recognize and prevent dangerous situations, and have the SKILLS to defend yourself if necessary.

It is important to understand that you CAN and SHOULD defend yourself physically. You have both the moral and legal right to do so. Statistics clearly show that your odds of survival are far greater if you do fight back. If you are trained, you will have the knowledge and skills to prevent assault, and if necessary, fight and WIN to save your own life or that of your loved ones, especially your children. 

We buy insurance for our health, our home, our vehicle. So why do we not invest in insurance for our safety and peace of mind? I will teach you realistic things that WORK. Size and strength does NOT matter. Knowledge is the key.

Please see my credentials at under "INSTRUCTORS".

Contact me at my personal email:, or on my direct line (804) 874-7094.

Don't be a statistic.

Angela Craven
Senior Instructor, Women's Self Defense Network, Tactical Martial Arts Academy   
Course cost per person, private: $225
Course cost per person, group: $75
Cash, check, credit card accepted. Classes are held at St. Joseph or a place that the participants select.

I will donate 20% of all tuition to St. Joseph.

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