Volunteer Luncheon

On Wednesday Feb. 26th, the staff of St. Joseph's treated the volunteers of the parish to a Communion Luncheon. In this gathering, the volunteers included were the cleaners, the flower guild, the outside maintenance crew, the gardeners, the prayer group, the money counters, and some others too. (Three groups of volunteers were not included: Choir members, altar boys, and Religious Ed teachers.) Thirty-five were able to attend. Fr. Novokowsky offered Holy Mass for their intention at 11:15 am. Making the occasion special, David Pedersen was on hand to play some hymns, and other accompaniment.

At 12:15 pm a meal prepared by Frs. Marsolle and McNeely was served in the Social Room. One woman was heard to say, "This was surprisingly good!" Sandy Ondishko filled in all the gaps by making, for instance, the name tags, the coffee, and a lovely dessert. Towards the end, Fr. Novokowsky reminded all that this was an appreciation luncheon, not a retirement luncheon. While no hint was intended, a hint was taken, and the whole hall was cleaned up in 10 minutes flat. On behalf of all, thank you again for the wonderful volunteers who make possible the running of this parish.

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