Upcoming Schedule Changes

• Fr. Gordon is traveling during the month of August. Please watch the Mass schedule.

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Religionless Spirituality: Why We Need the Church

Renowned Scripture scholar and author, Dr. Tim Gray, provides a fascinating explanation of the importance of the visible Church and the centrality of God on Earth. He offers incredible insights that make clear the role of the Church as an essential part of God’s plan for salvation, which are sure to help those who have left her, or who mistakenly claim to be "spiritual, but not religious."

School Supply Collection

The Knights Of Columbus are collecting school supplies again this year for the children of St. Joseph's Villa. Donations can be placed in the KOC collection bin in the vestibule. We'll be collecting through Saturday Aug. 19th. As always, thank you for your continued generosity! (FYI the Virginia school supply sales tax holiday is the weekend of August 4th-6th. Items needed this year include:


Saturday Confessions Extended

Sunday Confessions Limited. Beginning Saturday, July 1, we will have two hours of Confession in the morning from 10 am to 12 noon. This will be available every Saturday during July & August. For the months of July and August confession will mostly NOT be available during Masses on Sunday. Don't take a chance, come Saturday instead! Thank you for your understanding.

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